Procedurally Generated Volumetric Planets (2015)

Skills Practiced:  C++, HLSL, Graphics Programming, Procedural Generation, Volumetric Terrain
Frameworks / Tools / Engines Used:  DirectX, RasterTek Framework
Project Duration: 3 Weeks
Project Type: University Coursework (Procedural Generation Module)

This project was part of my University work at Abertay University Dundee; the Procedural Generation module coursework, specifically.
The coursework required an application to be built which would procedurally generate a landscape, using simplex or perlin noise. A heightmapped landscape was all that was required, but I decided to learn the specifics of density-field terrains (voxel terrains) and built a fully volumetric 3D planet generator. Additionally, I wrote a primitive chromatic aberration post-processing shader.

You can see some of my earlier attempts in these images, when I was learning how to implement the marching cubes algorithm.



The videos below show an ordinary planet, and a scene where the density field was populated with pure simplex noise, showcasing the volumetric nature of the terrain.