Skyview: Arcade Edition (2015)

Skills Practiced: Lua Scripting, Game Design, Audio Production
Frameworks / Tools / Engines Used:  Garry’s Mod
Project Duration: 2 Weeks
Project Type: Game Jam

Skyview: Arcade Edition was an entry into a Garry’s Mod Gamemode Competition; one of the phases of the competition involved writing an expansion for someone else’s entry, and this was the result.

The original Skyview gamemode mainly consisted of players throwing physics objects in an attempt to kill eachother, along with the ability to summon a shield to protect themselves with. The gameplay, however, was somewhat slow, so my friend Matthew and I worked together, adding a grappling hook, in-depth stat tracking, and voice acting. All-in-all, the result was a very polished and fun multiplayer experience, with potential for being built into its own standalone game.

I worked on Programming, Design, Voice Acting, the ingame Music, and the Video below.

If you happen to own Garry’s Mod on Steam, you can download the gamemode here.



tyguy – Original Gamemode
Matthew Cormack (@johnjoemcbob) – Programming/Design/Voice
Sean Thurmond (@_Inu_) – Voice