Dad Simulator (2014)

Skills Practiced: C#, Unity3D, Motion Controller Programming
Frameworks / Tools / Engines Used:  Leap Motion Controller SDK, Unity3D
Project Duration: 3 Days
Project Type: Just For Fun

This unusual game was made over the course of a weekend for the Abertay Game Development Society. It’s mainly filled with injokes from the society, and wasn’t ever planned for release. I purchased a Leap Motion hand-tracker and was interested in developing games with it, so I began to develop a simple toy with it based on a couple of the jokes floating around the society at the time. My friend Matthew quickly got on board with the project, and helped bring it to its full size.

I worked on Programming, Art, Jokes, and Design.
Gameplay can be seen below.


Matthew Cormack (@johnjoemcbob) – Programming/Art/Design/Jokes
Archie Yates (@_archieyates) – Face
Abertay Game Development Society – Inspiration