snolf - the sonic golf experience

snolf - the sonic golf experience

Skills Practiced: Assembly
Tools Used: s2disasm
Project Duration: 3 Weeks
Project Focus: Fun, Romhacking, Learning

Have you ever wanted to play through Sonic 2 without being able to run and jump? Do you want to watch helplessly as our hedgehog friend rolls backwards down the same slope for the fifth time in a row? Do you want to experience the fear and frustration of Chemical Plant Zone Act 2’s rising water section as though you were playing it for the very first time? Well, my friend, look no further than SNOLF: The Sonic Golf Experience!

This is a romhack that replaces Sonic’s ability to move with a golf-game mechanic, similar to the kind of thing found in games like Kirby’s Dream Course. Sonic remains rolled up into a ball under most conditions, and can only be launched when he has come to a stop. The Rings counter instead counts how many shots you have taken, allowing players to compete to get the lowest score.

I have loved the megadrive Sonic games ever since I was around three years old; it was extremely satisfying to me to reach a point in my career where I could write m68k assembly code competently enough to transform a beloved classic into something truly cursed. I owe a lot to the Sonic Romhacking community, for all their hard work disassembling the game over many years.
This variation of Sonic 2 now has its own speedrunning category.

Additional Credits:
The Sonic Romhacking Community - For All Their Hard Work

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