snolf cd - a snolf in time

Skills Practiced: C++, RSDKv3
Tools Used: Rubberduckycooly’s Sonic CD Decompilation
Project Duration: 3 Days
Just one week after Snolf Zero, I built this version off of the recent decompilation of the Steam 2011 edition of Sonic CD. It involved making edits both to the engine in C++ (to support my custom script files and new variables) and making edits to the scripts of the game itself (to add behaviour to Sonic). Again, it’s Snolf - Sonic forced into the form of a golfball - but with the added twist of Sonic CD’s time travel mechanic. In Sonic CD vanilla, you had to use signposts and maintain your top speed for a few seconds to time travel. In SnolfCD, you can directly time-travel while snolfing or resetting your shot by holding the A, B, or C buttons for Past, Present and Future respectively. This affords great control for avoiding obstacles, by allowing you to change time periods on the fly, and makes getting the Good Future ending much “easier”.

Additional Credits:
Rubberduckycooly - For the Sonic CD decompilation effort.
Dowolff - First to complete Snolf CD, and bugfinder extraordinare.

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