melon’s zone

hey there! i’m melon / drmelon / j/a. brown, and this is my webzone!

i’m an indie game developer and software engineer from scotland just makin’ various little bits and bobs! i have a software engineering background, but i also like to make my own art and music for my projects from time to time! i also like to do video editing as a hobby, and i occasionally dabble in retrocomputing and electronics.

here’s some tools i like to use:

  • Lutra, a C# game development framework by @leafcodes/@emmyleaf
  • Otter2D, a C# framework by Kyle Pulver. (defunct)
  • Aseprite, a graphics package developed specifically for pixelart workflows.
  • Godot, an open-source game engine with a competitive featureset.
  • UE4, with C++ for VR projects.
  • Blender, for 3D work.