colour half-frames and camping

colour half-frames and camping

a splash of colour and a long hike out

The thing about 35mm film is that you can get all kinds of interesting colour stock these days. For example, my Lomourette camera came with a roll of LomoChrome ‘92, an interesting C41 stock that provides punchy contrast with slightly washed out colours, giving everything a grungy look. On the other hand, there’s stuff like Kodak Gold Ultra, which has incredibly rich colour reproduction with lovely saturated reds and greens. Why have I singled out these two stocks? Well, naturally, it’s because I’ve shot some cool photos on them. Here’s some nice photos from the last couple of months:

rustic park bridge

tasty treats

ferns in the park

shady grove

castle wall

Have you noticed a slight golden cast to some of the images? That’s because I messed up rewinding the LomoChrome in my camera and actually ripped the end off, so it didn’t wind back into the roll. Instead, I had to take the camera into my bathroom with the lights off, and pull all the film out of the camera, loose, and stuff it into a light-sealed container. It was pretty tricky to do, and I accidentally exposed the film to the tiniest sliver of yellow light from a hallway lamp through a crack in the door. But otherwise, everything survived!


noodle bar

old college building

ivy wall

ivy indoors

red bushes

Check out this neat double-exposure! Leaf orb!!

leaf orb

Something I like doing is taking pictures of weird street garbage. Someone pierced this box on a spiky fence:

spiked box


yellow smashed up van

And check this out - some nice little photos I took on a hike and camp with my girlfriend. We took about 21kg of stuff 10km, it was a great walk and workout!

road bridge

heavy rucksacks


trangia tortelloni

water time

faraway shore

blurry lighthouse

It’s been so much fun taking these pictures and wandering around the countryside. What a great summer so far!

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