website deployment with Bitbucket Pipelines


So, one of the reasons I barely post on my own blog is because I often struggle with development friction. That is, I tend to lose interest/attention in my personal projects when I start banging my head up against long compile times, or lengthy processes. Most of the time, I just deal with the annoying process until I’m finished with whatever thing I was working on. For longer-running projects, like my website, it ends up stealing my motivation to work on the thing. I’d already eliminated most of the friction for web development when I switched to static site generation, but my setup was brittle and involved me manually FTP-ing into the site to upload stuff. How very 2000’s! So, one of the best ways to get around development friction like this is to just spend a little extra effort on automating the problem away; and lo and behold, along with most other source control providers, Bitbucket now has automation pipelines. With a little fiddling, and a couple of google searches to find the right docker images to work with, I can now just commit and push to my site repo and have it update and deploy here automatically! This practically guarantees that I can keep up with this site, right? Well, maybe..!

tiny melon friend game dev stream 1

in which i serialize some particles

Wow!! A blog post! That’s right folks, I’ve finally added another post to this website that I own. Today, I streamed an hour of development on my pet project, which is about my twitter bot @drmelon_ebooks, also known as “tiny melon friend”. You can watch it here:

site redesigned!!

ahh, so fresh and clean!!

hello y’all!! it’s been forever since i spruced up this little old corner of the internet. welcome to my new webzone, now with 100% less wordpress and 100% more static site generation!!


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