berry abode

berry abode

Skills Practiced: C#, Music
Tools Used: Unity
Project Duration: 1 Month
Project Focus: Fun / Jam

A group-effort entry to Rainbow Jam 2019, this game is about farming berries with people in your community. The game involves finding people in the big city to come and join you at the farm, farming the berries with them, and using the berries to make jam.

The funds from the jam sales are used to increase the size of the farm. Over time, people come and go from the farm, discovering new meaning in their lives or new aspirations they want to achieve. Once the farm has reached full size, the player gets to enjoy a party and meet back up with the people who they worked together with and see how things are going in their lives.

the city

It was made in a few weekends over the course of one month, and it was tons of fun to build!

Additional Credits:
Sidney Flavell - Art
Caspar Starton - Code
johnjoemcbob - Code

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