Skills Practiced: C#, GLSL
Tools Used: Otter2D
Project Duration: 48 Hours
Project Focus: Fun / Jam

WELCOME TO DA-DA-DASHBONK! Help antivirus program ST1NG8EE clean up all the bugs in the system! Crash through cyberspace at reckless speed, and blast your way to victory!

This game was made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2020, with my friend Sidney Flavell. We really went for a super arcadey feel for this one; it plays like a cross between a sokoban puzzle and pac-man, and requires the player to think on their toes! The player can’t attack enemies directly, instead sending shockwaves out when they crash into walls at high speed.

I had tons of fun writing the funky neon glow shader and afterimage effects in this one; Sidney and I kept the focus tight on this jam game and really let the polish shine. Sidney also wrote some music for the game, which really sells the arcade feel.
The game went on to win the IGDA Scotland Global Game Jam Player’s Choice Award (Dundee). Additional Credits:
Sidney Flavell - Art & Music

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