porcelain pork purloiner

porcelain pork purloiner

Skills Practiced: C#
Tools Used: Otter2D
Project Duration: 48 Hours
Project Focus: Fun / Jam

Become a sneaky piggybank thief and avoid the Hot Mic guards!
This game was made for Global Game Jam 2017 with my friend Sidney. The theme of the jam was “Waves”, so we went with something centered around soundwaves; the guards cannot see you in Porcelain Pork Purloiner, but they can hear the onomatopoeia that floats up as the character makes sounds!
player running

The game features fast platforming action, and the player must retrieve a piggybank from each level and return to the point of entry, without being zapped by the guards. Naturally, carrying the jingling piggybank only amplifies the amount of sound the player makes. The piggybank can be thrown to get around the pesky guards, but makes even more noise when it bounces around the place!
player zapped

This game was a ton of fun to make, and Sidney managed to completely nail the 60s flat-color animation style that makes this game really stand out.

Additional Credits:
Sidney Flavell - Art
APM Production Library - Music

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