snolf 3 & knolf - the sonic golf experience, part ii

snolf 3 & knolf - the sonic golf experience, part ii

Skills Practiced: Assembly
Tools Used: skdisasm
Project Duration: 3 Weeks
Project Focus: Fun, Romhacking, Learning

Did you enjoy SNOLF: The Sonic Golf Experience? Did you wish you could experience the magic and the mystery of an entirely golf-controlled hedgehog all over again, but this time in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and perhaps enjoy more characters? Well, feast your eyes on SNOLF 3 & KNOLF: The Sonic Golf Experience, Part II!
This romhack, like its predecessor “SNOLF: The Sonic Golf Experience”, replaces Sonic’s ability to move with a golf-game mechanic, similar to the kind of thing found in games like Kirby’s Dream Course. Sonic remains rolled up into a ball under most conditions, and can only be launched when he has come to a stop. The Rings counter instead counts how many shots you have taken, allowing players to compete to get the lowest score!

Each of the three playable characters behave differently in this romhack, making its development significantly lengthier. I owe a lot of thanks to the Twitch streamers who played this game and found many bugs.

Additional Credits:
The Sonic Romhacking Community - For All Their Hard Work
Lizstar - The first to complete the game as Knolf
videochess - The first to complete the game as Snolf
Dowolff - Snolf speedrunner

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