Skills Practiced: FMOD Integration,Sound Design,Voice Acting
Tools Used: FMOD Studio, Unity, DSP Action
Project Duration: 2 Weeks

As part of RainbowJam 2021, I worked alongside my friends to build this arcade-style racing-style narrative game. The theme of the jam was “Liberation”, so we took a pretty broad scope and made a game about hover-car racers fleeing from societal collapse in the far future by racing down a kind of dimensional space-desert bridge.

racing in the space desert

I wanted to broaden my skill when it comes to audio, so I helped the team integrate the FMOD sound library and used its associated FMOD Studio software to build effects chains and programmable audio events, and designed a few sound effects in the excellent DSP Action software. I also provided the voice for the Red Rampage character, which was a lot of fun!
The team were really proud of what we produced, and it probably feels like one of my most complete jam games, with a little bit of every discipline working together to build something that I definitely couldn’t build alone.

Additional Credits:
@BandiBev - VO
GLITCHGEIST - 3D models, environments, tracks
@SunshineMoonRX - Writing, dialogue, world building
@leafcodes - Programming, music, VO
@johnjoemcbob - Programming, vehicle controls, ghosts, VO
@tackyvillain - 3D models, vehicles, decor, VO

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