snolf mania requiem ultimax

snolf mania requiem ultimax

Skills Practiced: C, CMake
Tools Used: Sonic Mania Decompilation
Project Duration: 3 days

It’s finally here. The ultimate in SNOLF technology!

I built this over the course of a weekend or so, and practiced flexing my C development muscles. SNOLF Mania plugs into Sonic Mania’s decompilation project by way of a C API called “GameAPI”.

As is traditional with SNOLF, I felt the need to adjust the gameplay slightly. In this iteration, it replaces the drop-dash from Sonic Mania with the ability to set topspin or backspin on your shot before you make it, allowing Snolf to dash across the ground upon contact. It adds a fun wrinkle, and helps get through Mania’s much larger stages a bit faster.

I didn’t end up submitting this to any competitions this time around, but I am more than happy with the way it turned out. It feels good to make things again!

Additional Credits:
Rubberduckycooly - For All Their Hard Work

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