actually, don’t shake it, dingus

I recently bought a Polaroid camera.
my polaroid land camera 1000

It’s a Polaroid Land Camera 1000 (also known as the OneStep in the US) from the 1970s, and I bought it refurbished from a local lensmaker. It takes SX-70 format film (and can be convinced with effort to use 600 format, although it will overexpose it). It’s fixed-focus, just point-and-shoot.

I’ve taken my first snaps with it, and I’m proud of them:

a watermelon slice in the skatepark a watermelon slice in the skatepark.

a tree turning red a tree turning red.

local buildings adjoining the park local buildings adjoining the park.

Between this and my tape recorder, I’m definitely becoming some kind of analog tech weirdo. But honestly, I don’t mind - and I think they’ll both provide some really interesting and fun things to do next time I go camping!

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