polaroids 3

black and white makes everything moody

A couple of quick shots today, looking at these old lampposts I found. Shooting on black and white SX-70 makes these look real ghostly and spooky - even though it was a lovely day outside!

spooky lamppost

another spooky lamppost

I’ve been having a ton of fun figuring out how to get the best exposures I can; as far as I can tell, my camera has been tweaked a bit and doesn’t behave like a Polaroid 1000 from the factory. People often complain about underexposed photos, but I’ve been having kind of the opposite problem! A lot of my photos end up really bright, even though I shoot with the sun behind me. I think it may have been tweaked a bit when it was being refurbished to shoot a little brighter. I think I’d have to be very, very careful if I was going to modify it to use 600 type film…

As always, I hope you’re havin’ as much fun as I am today!

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