world pinhole photography day 2024

world pinhole photography day 2024

attending a workshop by Kit Martin at the DCA

Today, on World Pinhole Photography Day, I attended a pinhole photography workshop at DCA here in Dundee, run by Kit Martin! It was awesome; I learned how to make my own pinhole camera, about how pinhole photography itself and how it works, learned how to develop images in a darkroom, and then took a whole ton of photos with all kinds of fun pinhole cameras (including the one I made)! It was so much fun and I had an absolute blast working with and learning from Kit. It was inspirational to hear from someone who knew so much about the art of alternative photography and could share so much incredible knowledge in just one day. So, here’s my first picture:

my first pinhole camera picture

Just look at that! Can you believe it came from this little cardboard creature?

the camera itself!

Here’s another photo, taken using a coffee can as the pinhole camera; can you see a familiar face?

coffee can pinhole camera photo

And how about this one, up close? Also from the coffee can.

coffee can closeup

What about this? Taken on this amazing standing pinhole camera!

flowers standing camera

And here’s my second ever pinhole camera photo featuring a certain ghostly figure (me)!! I’m so proud of how it turned out! It’s my favourite so far.

it's me, being all spooky on a staircase

Last but not least, check out this street image with an ultra-ultra wiiiiiide shot from inside a whisky bottle canister!

whisky street

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