polaroids 2 - interregnum

springtime snaps and a life update

Spring has sprung again..! Or rather, is currently springing. As it was a sunny day today, I went up Dundee Law and took some Polaroid photos! These didn’t come out great, but I still had a lot of fun taking them. I’m still shooting SX-70 on the 1000, but I might modify it to shoot 600 when I’m all out of SX-70.

First up, a couple of shots of the Tay.

a shot of Dundee from the Law over towards the Tay Bridge

a shot of Dundee from the Law over towards the Road Bridge to Tayport

And the radio tower at the top of the Law!

a radio tower against a blue sky

It was sunny indoors too, so here’s very blurry picture of my purple echevaria, Escher:

a purple echevaria

That’s all I have photo-wise for today - but stay tuned! This blog is gonna get a bit more attention; I recently quit my job, and I’m currently taking some time to work on my own personal projects again! It feels great to have a bit of a break and relax before turning my eye towards the future, but I have some plans I’m very excited about coming up soon..!

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