tapes 2

magnetic storage still kicks ass

Following hot on the heels of my previous post about cassette tapes, I’ve been working hard on producing more music with them.

Here, take a listen!

This one’s a little different; this time, I bounced each track from my DAW to the tape before recording them back and matching them back up. It produces a pretty interesting sound. For comparison, here’s a version where the track is not processed through the tape:

Now, the next step is going to be recording directly to the tape with an instrument, but… I’m not very good at playing instruments. I’d like to learn to be better at it though!
Aside from music though, I’ve also been hard at work with using tapes for data storage. I wrote a small command-line utility in C that lets me pipe data to and from audio format, which I’ve called “cassettewright”.

I learned a lot about signal processing along the way; a great website to go and read up on interesting signal stuff is absorptions by windytan, a blog all about this cool stuff (and a huge inspiration for cassettewright’s format!)

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