site redesigned!!

ahh, so fresh and clean!!

hello y’all!! it’s been forever since i spruced up this little old corner of the internet. welcome to my new webzone, now with 100% less wordpress and 100% more static site generation!!

static site generation?

so, rather than having to load posts from an easily-exploitable and slow database, my site now performs static site generation.
this technique has been picking up steam recently, and the crux of it is that you basically generate all your site content offline, using some build chain or toolkit (in my case Jekyll and Hydejack) to transform all your posts and junk into plain old html-and-javascript.
so there’s no processing to be done every time someone browses to the site, there’s no account management that folks could hack into, and my site’s stuff is all safely tucked away in a code repository somewhere.
as a result, it loads super duper fast and is super light on bandwidth, pretty much a win for everyone!!

neat, what’s next?

as you can see, i’ve already uploaded all my old projects from the previous version of the site and stuff! however, next i’m thinking about working on a little tutorial series, and also perhaps some more transparent dev posts about currently-running projects soon!

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