refactoring tiny melon friend

upsides and downsides

So, there’s a bunch of stuff I need to do for my tiny melon friend game; at the very least at some point this year, I want to release an early alpha build of it. However, there’s still a lot of work to be done before it’s really in a ready state, and because of the whole, you know, everything, that happened this year, I haven’t done nearly enough of it. And one of the reasons for that is that there’s a bunch of different bits and pieces in the code that are following different styles of development or idioms that I was exploring at the time. Meaning, maintaining it is kind of a small nightmare. So, two paths branch before me:
1. Just hack my way along to a playable demo, compounding the issue for myself later, and
2. Actually refactor the code and make my life easier in the future, but probably fall short of getting anything playable this year.
As you can imagine, it’s a difficult choice to make, but I think in order to actually make this game a real thing in the future, I’m going to have to choose option 2 - even if it means that the game I’ve been working on slowly for a few years takes even longer to be playable.

However! I don’t have to do it alone!
I’m immensely lucky to have someone in my life that I feel like I can share the development of this game with, and we’re going to tackle the refactor together. I feel like it’s going to be much easier to bring something to fruition with another pair of hands. There’s a certain amount of trepidation in letting someone else poke around the loose contents of my brain from the last few years, but a little vulnerability is sometimes exactly what you need in order to grow, you know? And it will mean that tiny melon friend will be ready to make their star debut on the world stage all the faster!

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