Skills Practiced: Arduino Microcontroller Programming
Tools Used: Arduino Sketch
Project Duration: Jam Version: 24h, Installation: 2 Weeks
Project Focus: Contract Work
Interplanetary was a physical interactive media installation in the Dundee Contemporary Arts gallery. It was conceived during a minimalist-themed game jam hosted at Abertay University with the co-operation of DCA. The installation was a modification of DCA’s existing donation box installation, which consisted of three large RGB LED cubes, each with a laser-gate donation slot on top. The game used the LED cubes to represent small civilizations, and donating to a box would give that civilization extra resources. The civilizations had their own unique personalities, and so would react to the inbalance of resources differently. They could interact with eachother, flashing colours across the cubes to represent changes.
The game itself ran on an Arduino microcontroller, embedded in one of the boxes.
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