tragic magic

Skills Practiced: C#, Unity, Motion Controls, Electronics
Tools Used: Leap Motion Controller SDK, Unity, iPAC Arcade Button Controller SDK
Project Duration: Jam Version: 48 Hours, Polished Version: 3 Weeks
Project Focus: Fun
Tragic Magic was a game myself and a few friends made for the Global Game Jam at Abertay University in January 2015.
The game was about two wizards who were terrible at magic trying to fight eachother. Players had to use physical wands and spellbooks written (badly) in crayon in order to cast magic spells at eachother. The wands were tracked using a Leap Motion tracking device, in tool-tracking mode.
We intentionally made sure there were more tasks to perform than players had hands for, to increase the amount of chaos involved and to involve spectators.
We built a custom arcade cabinet to house the game and controls, and the game proved popular enough to win a Community Choice award at the jam’s local play party.
I worked as a programmer and designer on the project.
It was written in C#, in the Unity3D engine, during the jam; we later ported it to Kyle Pulver’s Otter2D framework.
At the end of a match, the game would take a screenshot and post it to Twitter!

Additional Credits:
johnjoemcbob - Programmer / Designer
Sean Thurmond - Programmer
Max Wrighton - Designer / Electronics Engineer
Pip Snaith - Art

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