Skills Practiced: C#, Peripheral Programming
Tools Used: Otter2D
Project Duration: 48 Hours
Project Focus: Fun / Jam

Once again, I worked with my good pal Sidney, this time for Global Game Jam 2018. The theme was “Transmission”, so we decided to make a classic shmup arcade game, but with the exception that the player’s space ship had manual gear transmission - but instead of for movement, the gears switched which weapons the player can fire. Certain enemies can only be attacked with certain weapons, forcing the player to quickly shift gears to fight back.

During the jam, we also hooked up a Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel that we found in a second-hand electronics shop while coming up with ideas. This meant we had access to an actual clutch pedal that the players at the jam venue had to press in order to switch weapons, and they had to move the ship using the steering wheel. Firing the weapon was done with the accelerator pedal, so it meant that most players were kept slightly off-kilter, whether they could drive or not. The game also supports regular XInput-compatible controllers, though!

Additional Credits:
Sidney Flavell - Art

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