space delivery

Skills Practiced: C#
Tools Used: Otter2D
Project Duration: 2 Weeks
Project Focus: Fun / Jam
Space Delivery was a solo project for Rainbow Jam 2018, a jam for the LGBT community with the theme “A Safe Space”. This game is a little pun on the theme, as it’s set in space but features no combat or adversaries.
Space Delivery tasks the player (a sentient rocket ship that has newly joined the Intergalactic Post Office) with talking to various friendly spacebound residents and bringing their requested items to them in a zero-g environment, with the only tool available to them - a somewhat unweildy grappling hook. It’s something of a spiritual sequel to Elastic Sword, in terms of the primary gameplay mechanic involving highly unstable physics interactions.
The game is based in part on (and lifts a couple of sound effects from) a very old favourite of mine, “Operation: Inner Space”, an action game for Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 that saw the player flying a spaceship around and navigating their own computer’s filesystem. Inner Space had a complex faction system where different teams of ships would compete for resources with yours, and you could help or hinder them to adjust their relationships with you and your team. The game apparently still works today, on Windows 10.
I took time during the development of this jam game to put all my character and object descriptions in json files, which allowed me to experiment with modifiable game data. A player could, in theory, have their own characters and items in this game without too much work on their part.

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